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So yesterday I was in a restaurant in NYC in Soho to be precise and once the kitchen closed the restaurant/bar allowed two tiny puppies to be brought in by their owners for cuddles. Gorgeous lil puppies they were but it got me thinking - What IS the Law on this and should it change?

Under the applicable section of the New York City Department of Health “ARTICLE 81: FOOD PREPARATION AND FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS“. (If there is another applicable piece of city or state law, please let me know.)

Food service establishments and non-retail food processing establishments; animals prohibited. No live animal shall be kept, housed or permitted to enter into or remain in any food service establishment or non-retail food processing establishment.
This section shall not apply to edible fish, crustacea, shellfish, fish in aquariums, seeing-eye dogs accompanying sightless persons, hearing or service dogs accompanying and assisting disabled persons, or patrol dogs accompanying police officers.

And yet in NYC, from what I have seen, there seems to be some discretion allowed by the restaurant at outside tables. 

So they are not allowed IN a restaurant but if the restaurant allows it - outside is ok....What do you think? SHOULD restaurants be more pet friendly?

Some good info here on traveling with pets in the USA  - Pet Friendly Travel Experts -

Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney


Hails from Dublin, Ireland. Pet Parent to Poppy and also Roxy who is currently hanging out at Rainbow Bridge <3 Innovative thinker, writer, talker. #Author 'Say Farewell, Your way'

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