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Rainbow Bridge Memorials is brought to you by Jennifer Muldowney. Parent to Roxy (currently waiting at Rainbow Bridge) and Poppy.

Cremation Jewelry can be a beautiful way to remember our furry (and non furry) friends.


Have you ever lost your best friend in the whole world? The one who you told ALL your deepest, darkest secrets to?

Well that is exactly how I felt when we had to put our little westie baby down 5 years ago, I was traumatised as most pet parents are. I didn't understand all the emotions I was feeling and more importantly the people around me didn't understand what to say or do with me! Losing a pet can be very difficult especially if you have to make the horrendous choice to put them to sleep as we did. I spent (and still do!) days asking myself - was it the right decision? Was she looking at me saying thank you or was she asking me why was I doing this to her? You could drive yourself insane thinking these thoughts. 5 years later I am now crying as I type this because I still wonder and I will never know the answer. I can only hope she was thanking me for taking away her pain.

It was some time after this experience that a friend of mine shared the story of Rainbow Bridge with me and it stayed with me. I love the story. I think it gives hope, peace and sanity to pet owners who have lost their furry friends.

This is why I called my website Rainbow Bridge Memorials - to help other pet parents grieve and find some form of peace.

I hope you like the site and more importantly the jewelry and if you find yourself here because of a loss - my sincerest sympathies - the pain will ease, I promise.

Jennifer x



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