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Health Benefits of Owning a Pet!

Unconditional love and cuddles forever!

Pets can improve your Mood - relieve anxiety and stress - I always told my dogs EVERYTHING - they are the only people in my life who know ALL my shameful secrets - what a stress reliever though!! ;-)

They don’t judge! Feed, them, walk them, Love them and you have a friend for life.

The furry lil critters can improve your physical health - obviously because you have to walk them! Sometimes even when you don’t wanna…. and apparently and quite randomly having a pet has even been shown to give 30% less chance of developing certain types of cancer. Win win!

They help us to make friends! What do dog lovers do - they talk to each other about their pooches! Fast friendships! :-)

They are hard work sometimes but for me - a house is not a home without a furry baby!