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*Cremated Ash needed*

Send the ashes of your pet to us and we will create a bespoke Fused or Encased Glass piece of jewelry just for you. No two pieces are ever the same, it will be as unique as your Pet was.

PERSONAL Collection

*Cremated Ash/Hair option*

Choose to put your loved ones' fur or ashes into a beautiful vessel in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We provide everything you need.



MEMORIAL Collection

Did you bury a pet?

Own a precious piece of jewelry that symbolizes you or a friends loss of their pet. No ash or hair needed. 

A great gift for a grieving friend or family member.


Choosing the Right Breed of Dog for You

April 21, 2018

Taking a dog into your home is a major commitment, one not to be entered into lightly. There are many factors to take into consideration before bringing home an animal for which you’ll be responsible for a long time. Think of him as a member of the family because that’s how you’ll need to treat him if he’s to enjoy a long, happy life. In that context, think carefully about how a dog will fit in with your family. Is he too big or too small? Is he a breed that tends to be too frenetic and hyper or too aggressive and unpredictable? Does he fit within your lifestyle? Remember, the criteria you use to select a dog should be based on how you live.

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How the Beast of the East affects your fur baby- tips!

March 01, 2018

  • STRONGLY recommend keeping your pets indoors.

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Advice For House Hunting Dog Owners

November 04, 2017

Tips On Finding the Right Home For Your Canine

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Halloween Do’s and Don’ts for Pets

October 31, 2017

DO ensure that pets always have identification.DON'T keep pets outdoors during Halloween and the weeks running up to it as people start letting off fireworks earlier than Halloween night.DO talk to your vet if your pet gets very scared from fireworks as there is a variety of treatments and medications that can help. DON'T dress animals up in costumes as many pets find this uncomfortable and stressful.DON'T take pets trick-or-treating.DON'T let animals near bonfires, candles or other dangerous items.DO make sure that rabbits and other caged animals are safely secured in a garage or outbuilding.DO keep pets away from Halloween decorations and tell children not to share any sweets and chocolate with their pets.DO take a pet suspected of ingesting...

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