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Advice For House Hunting Dog Owners

Tips On Finding the Right Home For Your Canine

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Moving into a new home with your furry pal can be very rewarding for the both of you. However, all potential troubles in the process could make moving a very daunting task, which is why careful planning must be taken into consideration if you are house-hunting.

With so many dog-friendly options available, it is possible to make an uncomplicated transition, with your pooch in mind. Here are some ways to cultivate a more enjoyable experience while searching for the ideal home for your canine.

Plan Carefully

Before you go on your house hunt, always have a plan in place so that things don’t get out of whack in the midst of an already stressful event. One way of doing so is to go on more frequent walks with your dog, prior to the move. This way your pooch will be tired enough to stay in place while you are preparing boxes and your home.

It’s also important that you have items placed within a dedicated location that your dog will need, such as snacks, a leash, water, toys and other necessities. If possible, you may want to consider creating a checklist in an attempt to avoid forgetting important things.

On the Move

According to Dogtime, there are neighborhoods that are very dog-friendly, where your pooch will be able to safely play within the confines of a park, the lawn, backyard or even along the sidewalk. However, not all neighborhoods are as welcoming for dogs.

Whether your dog’s new residence will be located in a highly-urbanized condo or sparsely populated town, outdoor space is vital for their well-being and enjoyment. Your dog may display symptoms of emotional stress upon the move, so make the transition a happy one by ensuring that your canine has appropriate identification and an addressed dog collar so that he finds a safe route home should he run away.

Adequate Space

Though you’ll want to make sure there is ample space for yourself and your human counterparts, what about your dog? Where will he sleep and eat within your new home? According to PetMD, it depends on the size of your canine. Though some large dogs love small spaces, according to My San Antonio, you may want to choose your space based on how big your dog will grow when he reaches full size, if he is a puppy. Overall, it’s essentially up to you in determining the size of your new abode to fit your lifestyle and budgeting needs.

Keep your neighbors in mind, as well. While some dogs are great for apartments, other breeds may prove to be too noisy for your neighbors’ liking. In some states, there are even renter’s rights when it comes to a neighbor’s barking dog, so make your decision wisely.

Packing and Unpacking

During the process of moving, make sure that you remain calm at all times because your dog will mimic your energy. Have all of your possessions on the moving van first and set your dog’s things in place last, just in case you may need something along the way, especially if you are going a considerable distance to reach your destination.

Once you’ve reached your new home and are ready to unpack, your dog may become excitable and run around the house, which is ok, because he will need to get used to all the ins and outs of the home. However, if you have movers or friends who are helping, it might be a good idea to place your dog in the backyard, kennel or in an unused space, so that you can get things done more efficiently. At any rate, always show your pooch love because, just like you, he will be excited during this move and you’ll want to ease his mind by showing him that you care. To make things fun and exciting, give your dog a new toy when letting him explore his new home.

Moving with a dog is stressful enough. Keep these helpful tips in mind so that your transition goes as smooth possible and your new home is an enjoyable environment.


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