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Adoption - know your facts. Questions for you.

Adopt a dog
  • Am I ready to commit years of my life committing to and caring for an animal?
  • How much time in the day/week can I devote to them?
  • What is my lifestyle and which breed will suit me? (more on breed choices/lifestyle here)
  • Am I willing to train an animal?
  • Can I financially afford to take care and provide for an animal?
  • Do I have the living space for the size of animal I am considering?
  • How much is this pet going to cost me? A dog can be up to 2K a year and a cat 1k
  • Should I and can I foster an animal first?
  • Can I borrow a friends animal for a week?

Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney


Hails from Dublin, Ireland. Pet Parent to Poppy and also Roxy who is currently hanging out at Rainbow Bridge <3 Innovative thinker, writer, talker. #Author 'Say Farewell, Your way'

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